Converted Senseos to 700 watts.

The Senseos converted by us come in 2 different variations, namely:

Camping Senseo and Truck Senseo:

Converted Senseo for the campsite. (Camping Senseo)

A standard Senseo requires a power of 1400 watts, the Camping Senseo we have converted has a power of 700 watts, so the Senseo can be used in places where there is a restriction on the consumption of power.

At the campsite - camper pitches and marinas, there is often 4 to 6 Ampere available. Based on 230 volts you can easily calculate how many watts can be connected.

So always calculate in advance how many Watts or Amps you use so that you know which devices you can switch on at the same time.

There is a calculation for this:

Calculate amps to watts
Ampere x Voltage (230) = Watt

Calculate Watts to Amps
Watt / Voltage (230) = Amps

4 Amps = 920 Watt
6 Amps = 1380 Watt

Our converted Senseo falls well within the margin of both Amperages and can therefore be used without problems at all campsites - camper pitches and marinas.

Can the Senseo campsite not run on an inverter?

The Senseo campsite can certainly use an inverter, but of the type PURE SINE FROM
1000 WATT can be used with this Senseo.

The difference between a normal Senseo and a converted Senseo is that the heating time is longer, an ordinary Senseo takes about 1.5 - 2 minutes. The converted Senseo requires a little more patience. After about 3 minutes, the converted Senseo is up to temperature. For the rest there is no difference.

Converted Senseo for the Truck or Lorry (Truck Senseo)

For the Truck Senseo, the same applies as the Camping Senseo described above, it is a converted Senseo from 1400 watts to 700 watts, with the difference that it also works on a so-called modified sine wave inverter from 1000 watts.

A modified sine wave inverter is often installed in trucks for the simple reason that they are cheaper than a pure sine wave inverter. A limitation of these inverters is that not all equipment can handle this waveform, the following equipment will not work on a modified inverter:

Air conditioning (compressor)
Dremel (-like)
Electric toothbrush (coils in charger burn through at other inverters)
HiFi set (modified sine gives hum in the speakers)
Refrigerator with compressor (also think of start-up power of up to 10 times the average power!)
Coffee machine (Espresso / Cappuccino machine)
Professional studio flash
Pad coffee machine, including Senseo, Nespresso
Fast charger for bicycle, drill etc.
TV, old with light tubes

The converted Truck Senseo is guaranteed to work on a modified inverter.

Just like the Camping Senseo, this Senseo also takes about 3 minutes to heat up.

Important information regarding the warranty.

The original manufacturer's warranty expires after conversion of the Senseo, we give a 12-month warranty on the converted Senseo, provided that it concerns manufacturing errors or errors in the conversion. Of course we do not guarantee improper user errors.
In the event of a malfunction, do not take the Senseo to Phillips, but send it to us, we will repair the Senseo or replace it for a new one if repair is not possible.

The shippingcosts will be at the buyer's expense.